Brad Miller

When in a career transition, I worked with several placement companies. Tony was the only one who offered a personal relationship and always put my interests first. That personal relationship we built over five years has continued to this day. Tony took the stress out of my transition by providing valuable advice throughout the process. His professionalism and personal approach are just two of the reasons I continue to use him today and can confidently recommend his services.

Brad Miller, USMA ’98
Sales Representative

Kurt Ruch

A career transition can be quite stressful. Having someone with experience to guide you through the transition is absolutely necessary. Since 2003, I have relied upon Tony’s advice and guidance on many occasions to help me make the best decisions possible for my career and family. I have and would continue to recommend Tony’s services to anyone in a career transition.

Kurt Ruch, USMA ’98

Shaun Quinlan

I initially started working with Tony five years after having transitioned out of active duty into a job with Campbell Soup Company that I was initially placed into via another JMO recruiting firm. Most traditional JMO placement firms will provide you the opportunity to interview with a few companies, and once placed, have little if any contact with you for the rest of your professional career. The benefit you will get from working with Tony is that not only will he assist in your initial job placement, but he will also act as a lifetime resource for future career opportunities should the situation arise – something that you will not find with the other JMO firms. Tony has in-depth knowledge, down to the personalities and tendencies of the individuals that you will interview with at the prospective companies that will greatly assist in receiving the best possible job offer. As a former officer and corporate executive himself, Tony understands both sides of the fence, and can help you best translate your experiences as an officer into the skill sets that are highly sought after in the corporate world. I have used Tony as a talent resource to help staff my own open positions and just as a neutral sounding board for new ideas at work. Having gone both the traditional JMO recruiter path as well as having worked with Tony, I would highly recommend Tony over the former, as you will get a lifetime coach and friend that will prove invaluable throughout your entire professional career.

Shaun Quinlan, University of Miami ’94 – US Army OCS
Regional Finance Director

Arron Yount

I have worked closely with Tony over the past seven years. During that time I have called on him to discuss my career progression, or simply to talk about issues I was facing at work. Without hesitation, I endorse him and the services he provides. I think there are certain times in everyone’s career when they need someone like Tony to listen and provide an objective view to help guide them.

Arron Yount, USNA ’92
Zone Operations Manager

Jon Perkins

Almost four years ago, I experienced the transition from the Navy to the civilian world from outside of the continental U.S. Beyond the Family Service Center’s efforts, I would have greatly appreciated the efforts of any entity to focus my attention to the relevant items and tactics to be efficient and effective in my job search.  Additionally, based on my extremely positive experience with ACT, their personal touch, and attentiveness to my needs, I trust that they have, and will maintain, my best interests at all times.

Jon Perkins, USNA ’97
Warehouse and Transportation Operations Manager

Jeff Enck

I have been working with Tony since 2003. Over the last six years, I have sought his guidance often and his advice has been right on the money. He has been a mentor and friend.

Jeff Enck, USMA ’98
General Manager

Brian Bergen

The transition from military to civilian life can be a daunting and overwhelming event. Tony Sindoni made my experience manageable by coaching me through the process. Tony has a network of business executives willing to assist his clients. His ability to help his clients position themselves in front of the right people makes his services invaluable. I was thrilled with my experience working with Tony.

Brian Bergen, USMA ’01
Transportation Supervisor

Paul Rose

The support, insight and industry knowledge that Tony brings to the table is invaluable. In today’s economy, you cannot afford to be caught unprepared for your future career opportunities. Tony is 100% professional and supportive. His career insights and professionalism are unmatched, and I personally recommend him to anyone who is in a career transition!

Paul Rose, Hope College ’96 – US Army OCS
General Manager

Chris McQuillan

Tony has been instrumental in providing the guidance needed to be successful in my career. You only get straightforward, honest feedback and advice, which is just what you need when going through a career transition. Tony is someone that I still talk to on a regular basis.

Chris McQuillan, USMA ’98
Vice President & General Manager

Mike Opdenaker

I was attracted to ACT and Tony because he looked at my transition from a much different perspective than all the other recruiting firms. Tony was interested in my professional development from day one. While other firms were interested in finding me a job, he was committed to helping me find a career path that would be challenging and rewarding. When we get out, we don’t know what we don’t know; Tony does!

Mike Opdenaker, USMA ’97
General Manager

Lisa Gerard

Tony is a master at building careers. After separating from the Army I spent a couple years in financial sales and then surgical sales. I was recalled back into the Army for six months and when I returned home, he helped me realize that sales wasn’t my home, operations was. The relationships that Tony has fostered throughout his career were the lifeblood to enhancing mine. He is a trusted partner in the corporate talent search and if you think it’s not “who you know”, you’re wrong.

Lisa Gerard, Army ROTC ’98
Transportation Project Manager

Carl Bloomfield

I’ve known Tony for 10 years, and he is one of the most genuinely sincere people I know. He truly cares about the people he works with, and he helped make my career transition a positive experience that has put me on the path to reaching all of my professional goals. Not only has he provided me with sound, honest advice to help my professionally over the years, he has been there to help me personally as well. I’m glad to call Tony a friend.

Carl Bloomfield, USMA ’99
Insurance Producer

Jimmy Niosi

Finding a fitting position with a great company that meets your personal and professional goals is a challenging task in general. When you combine this undertaking with the uncertainty of a career transition in today’s extremely competitive career acquisition climate, it can be somewhat overwhelming. Tony’s guidance is exactly what is necessary to set yourself up for success in your search and likewise set yourself apart from the pack. His unique insights into personnel placement in corporate America will be instrumental in placing you in a position that challenges you and puts you on a path towards career growth and professional success. Tony is a great coach, sounding board, and friend. I wholeheartedly believe that I would not be as satisfied as I am with my career today and where it is going tomorrow if it were not for the assistance provided by Tony and his team.

Jimmy Niosi, USMA ’02
Operations Supervisor

Kelly Doyle

Tony’s insightful ability to convert my professional experiences into a value proposition for potential employers, personally tailored guidance empowering me to achieve my desired goals and the candor to tell me when to stay put instead of trying to put the square peg in the round hole just because I wanted change.

Kelly Doyle, USMA ’95
General Manager

Brian Stephens

When transitioning to a new position in your career, look no further than Tony Sindoni and ACT. Tony is a trusted mentor who will help you find the career that works for you. Tony has a great personal approach and sincere interest in your future. I was able to gain a coach, a mentor, and a friend in Tony who continues to energize me every time I talk to him.

Bryan Stephens, USNA ’00
Program Manager